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Premium Farm Milk

Premium Farm Milk

What is Premium Farm Milk? How is Premium Farm Milk different from normal milk?

Organic 24k Ghee


When someone thinks about ghee, the first question that ponders in mind is “Is it pure?”

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How Bon Bon is doing things differently

Right Nutrition for Cattle

Herd is fed a nutritious as well as a balanced diet, that includes a variety of green fodder, silage, dry fodder along with a combination of feed that consists of 1-15 different grains and elements.

Hands-free Milking Process

Our milking process is a hands-free process that is performed with the help of a Sweden Based milking parlour, which works on a ‘duo vac’ technology.

Hydrating them right

Hydration is paramount for all living beings and cows are no different! Our cows drink what we drink & that is purified RO water. We set new examples of equality day in day out at BON BON!

No Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination does an immense deal of harm to the cows, which is why we at BON BON refrain from following this ill practice. As for the insemination process, we take the natural route as we have a perfectly healthy bull in house.

Full-time Vets on Duty

Our team of vets bring along their years of experience to complement their vast skillset to make sure that cows are at the top of their health game. BON BON is rightly reckoned as the home of healthy cows, courtesy of our team of skilful vets.

On-time Every Time

All orders are delivered within 24 hours of confirmation. Our motive is to deliver milk/milk products to you in a timely manner such that they are fresh and have all nutrients intact.

Subscription Model

For your convenience, we work on a subscription-based model, wherein you can decide the quantity you need, when you need and where you need it.