Morning Rituals

The day at our farm begins with breakfast! Well, not for us but our cows & buffaloes who like to eat before doing anything else, so we oblige and serve them a well-balanced diet. Their health matters to us, which is why their diet includes a variety of green fodder, silage, dry fodder along with a combination of feed that comprises 1-15 different grains and elements. Highly expensive trace minerals are also provided to pregnant cows.

Bath Time

Post breakfast, our cows and buffalos are due for a bath. When we say that we treat them like children, we truly mean it! The entire herd is bathed with clean water to remove all the dirt and stress that might exist.

The Milking Parlour

Then comes the milking part in which we have no hand, literally! Our milking process is a hands-free process, that is performed with the help of a Sweden Based milking parlour that works on a ‘duo vac’ technology. It works in a way that the cows and buffaloes feel massaged and relaxed. It’s like a spa for them!

Treating The Milk Right

After the completion of the milking phase, the milk then goes through numerous tests to make sure it is pure and fit for usage. Once the milk clears all purity checks, it then is transferred to Bulk Milk Cooler(to initiate cold chain) and then to a pasteurizer, which immediately brings the temperature of the milk to 74C, which pasteurizes the milk and then the IVT immediately brings down the temp to 4C to maintain the cold chain.

Packing & Processing

Good news! The milk is ready to be Packed or Processed.

Our Processing Instruments


Modern Madhani for Lassi


Incubation Chamber for Curd


Vacuum Packager for Paneer

Packing & Processing

The Produce is then placed in a Cold Room to maintain the cold chain temperature, which keeps the products at bay from harmful bacteria or any type of contamination.

This is how an entire day at our farm looks like! We prefer to maintain transparency with our customers and what we say here is exactly what we do at our farm. If you still have any questions then feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to help.